If you want to send us your photos made during your holidays in Villa Cini, Palazzo Vanneschi or in Villa Casanova we will be happy to publish them on our web site! Thank you!!

VILLA CINI, VILLA CASANOVA and PALAZZO VANNESCHI 2010: big group of architects from Poland and South Africa. With many thanks to our friend Richard.

VILLA CASANOVA 2010: Once upon a time , almost in the middle of no where in the quiet of tuscan hills, two Dutch families started a tradition of going to Italy every two years. Compared ti the haured house where they had stayed before, Villa Casanova was a memorable oasis os beauty, an incredible, precious place to stay. A place where Gerrit leaved how to dance hardcore....... Group from Holland

PALAZZO VANNESCHI 2010 : Quetsa famiglia spagnola è stata bene nel Palazzo Vanneschi. Grazie per questa belle vacanze. magari al più presto possiamo tornare in città Italia che ci è piaciuta tanto. Groups from Spain

PALAZZO VANNESCHI 2010: Séjour magnifique et agreable pendant les 2 semains. Bonne semaines en Italie avec les bric criquets mais pas beaucoup d'apere dans cette maison hantée . Merci pour tout it pour la piscine. le séjour a été trés bien dans cette grand maison si trés belle. Super vacances en Italieet super maison. La piscine est super et chaude.. enorme. grande merci!! Group from France

VILLA CINI 2010: For Claudia with best wishes in touch paradise in Bucine Villa Cini. Nice time, perfect place. Painters from Poland.

VILLA CINI and VILLA CASANOVA 2010: Group of architects painters from Germany.

VILLA CINI 2010: Most thanks for the hospitality anf beautiful tuscany. From Johannesburg.

PALAZZO VANNESCHI 2010: Nous avions passé un exellent séjour dans votre maison début october (nous étions 8 couple). Nous avions gardé un exellent souvenir de notre passage dans votre maison. Merci a bientot! Group from France.

VILLA CASANOVA 2010: Hier in der Villa Casanova land ich es scho schin, ich hatte hiver eine schone wache!!! .......... Group from Germany.

VILLA CASANOVA 2010: Nach 2 jahren 2 zurck gekimmen, hat fast jede weide do selbe zimmes genommes. Die erste woche war fantastsch das welles & des pool das bombastisch. Die wamen abendhaben wir genossen & der Limoncello ist geflossen. San Gimignano & Siena haben wir besuch. 8 in des 2 woche uber das wetter geflucht. Die kaize ist nidst netit mage heisst tweedy... Group from Europe.

VILLA CINI 2010: We have had a very good week with 10 persons (5 couples from Holland) and the chef had prepared 3 times a wonderfull meal!! In one word... It's wonderfull!!! Group from Holland.

PALAZZO VANNESCHI 2010: En este palacio, nos hemos sentido como princesitas, una casa preciosa y acequedira. Adios toscana. Group from Spain.

PALAZZO VANNESCHI 2010: Splendid maison, piscine magnifique... de superbe vacances!! Un gran merci à Claudia et à l'exellent cousiner pour ses deliceuses pàte et sous tout son tiramisù. A très bientot! Group from France.

VILLA CASANOVA 2010: Group from Germany.

PALAZZO VANNESCHI 2010: Thank's for a fantastic stay, we really enjoyed the house and the surronding landscape all and all we had a great time. And Finally thanks to all the good, honest, and fantastic people we meet . Family from Sweden.

VILLA CINI 2009: Dear Claudia, we have had a very pleasant week in tuscany in villa Cini . The weather has been lovely, and the whole area has shon the best rides.....have enjoied the sun and the pool. Tanja has been an active swimmer as well. After visiting Arezzo, Florence, Siena, Crete senesi. L'antico portale.... Family from Finland.

VILLA CINI - VILLA CASANOVA 2009: We love you Cini!! See you next year! Architects and painters from Germany.

VILLA CASANOVA 2009: 12 Menchen aus finland im urlaub in villa Casanova, herlich! It rained 2 days, but we go to Arezzo and Siena! Kavimne"Interraillilla Firenzessa" June ei ..... Family from Finland.

PALAZZO VANNESCHI 2009: It's been and plessures to be here! We love this places, as it's quiet a cray from cities on good... to places like Siena, Arezzo and Cortona. We come here to come down from daily stress and too much work. Family from Poland.

VILLA CINI 2009: Dear Claudia, we are a group from Poland . we found your housa fantastic. It's our second time in Tuscany. We had a great time , we've seen interesting and beautifull places as Florence, Siena, Pisa, Assisi, Cortona, San Gimignano, Montepulciano, Pienza. As we expected the weather was amazing. Villa Cini has a special, cosy atmosphere we wish we'll come back here.The greatest experience for us was "Palio" and for some of us the Siena-Milan match. We are gratefull for warm welcome from cristina and your parents. Hope to see you again. Group from Poland.

VILLA CASANOVA 2009: Katsi viikkoa Villa Casanova -Bucine hupenivat liian nopeasti. Llman altaan tuomaa viilennysta naissa lampotiloissa emme clisi selvinneet. Lampotila pysitteli koko ajan 25° - 30° C tuntumassa. Kiertelimme myos Toscanan kaupunkeja. Tutuiksi tuli niin Siena kuin Firenzekin, Pisa turnin hiupullalcin tuly kaytya.. Talo on ollut todella viintyisa paria elainhaittaa lukuun ottmatta. Tanne olisi mukava palata milloin vain! We spent very nice time in villa Casanova. It would be wonderfull to come here again. Family from North Europe.

VILLA CASANOVA 2009: We spent very nice two weeks in villa Casanova. Beautiful landscapes and very friendly people around here. We visited also Firenze, Pisa and Siena. Weather was good altrough it was raining a little almost every day. Family from North Europe.

VILLA CINI - VILLA CASANOVA - PALAZZO VANNESCHI. September 2008: Group of important painters and architects from Poland.

VILLA CINI 2008: To Claudia and family! Thank you for a wonderfull time a villa Cini. It's been a fantastic weather and friendly people in the neighbouring villages .Many good times in the pool and we've had fun watching the european cup in the evening. We ever tried to light the fireplaces. We shall come back soon! Family from Holland.

VILLA CINI 2008: It was very funny. I was very scared because I saw...! Pool was big and for me good!I like this CASTLE. For me this home looked like that: I must come back here next year! Family from Austria.

VILLA CASANOVA 2008: Czas wakacji zwykle konczy sie tesknota za domen. Nasze wakacje koncza sie Muym wspomnieniem wspaniale go pobytu w willi casanova I tesknota za tym miejscem. Priekujem za goscine! Dowidzenia. Family from Poland.

VILLA CINI 2008: Bonjour les amis venue du monde entier. Nous avons passé un magnifico sejour en Toscane, c'est veraiment la Dolce Vita!! Le castellet est charmant, le paysage reposante ,l'eau de la piscine douce , les italiens simpatico. Nous avons adoré Sienne, c'est magnifique, et les enfants ont poné comme des fans dans cette superbe proprieté. Family from France.

VILLA CASANOVA 2008: Hallo erstmal, ist schon cool in einem 400 fahre alten haus zu wohnen. Findet ihr den pool auch sooo toll wie wir? es was schon eine echte erholung, bei der hitze. Am steinofen lebt eine uleine getigerte und verhungerte ugtze. Sie war ist nlapperdoerr wir gaben ihr futter ond etwos zu trinhen. Deshalb haben wir eine bitte an euch koemmert euch um sie bitte. wir haben sie uiesi getauft. sie ist zanm!Viel spass in der villa. wunschem..... Family from Germany.

VILLA CINI 2008: Molto grazie di sette oggi in Toscana in villa Cini. tante belle cose e tanti saluti da Polonia. Family from Poland.

VILLA CASANOVA 2008: Erholsame ferie in der villa Casanova! Family from Germany.

VILLA CASANOVA 2007: Magnifique maison trés bien située pour vistée cette superbe région. Nous esperons révenir l'ainée prochaine. Family from France.

VILLA CINI: Hallo Claudia! Thank you for your advise to marry in Siena. All our friends and relatives was simply entusuastic about the city and your gorgeus villas. It was like living in a fairy tale......villa Cini and villa Casanova will always have a special place in our hearts. Family from Holland.

VILLA CINI 2006: We come from Norway for a glimpse of summer and lovely Tuscan views and wine and food! The weather was been surprisingly cold most of the time, but we have has a great time in the house whitch has got great atmosfere !! Lovely sorrounding and great food ( party prepared by the cook segnora Derna ) and excursions to beautifull places like Firenze , Montepulciano, and driving along beautifull "strada bianca" has made our stay memorable. Family from Norway.

VILLA CINI 2006: It was nice! It's a beautifull house! We stay here in 2006 . it was a great pleasure to be in your castle. The children found it a great adventure, sometimes they were a little afraid in the big castle at night. They love the swimmingpool. We had very good weather and we were happy because inside the castle it's a little bit cold. we have been to: Firenze ( by train), Pisa and the beach, the Chianti and the Castello of Brolio ( beautifull) , the village Monteriggioni, a view from Cennina. We had a very good dinner in Montebenichi in a nice restaurant ( english spoken). The big castlewas great for us ( 10 persons). Everybody his our bath and bathrooms. thanks for using everithing ( dishwasher....). We had a very good time. We like the birds, the butterfly..... Family from Belgium.

VILLA CINI 2005: Exellente sejour!La batisse est magnifique e la calme absolute. Family from Bruxelles.

VILLA CASANOVA 2006: Living in a tuscan villa must be wonderfull, but living in Casanova was a dream! This was one of most beautifull holidays ever! Greetings. Friends from Belguim.

VILLA CINI 2007: The house is very beautifull! I love it!! The weather was warm and we have had a very nice time here! The garden is so cool & pretty! Arezzo and the Toscana are so beautifull. We kissed all the frogs but, there no was the prince!!!! The climnery was closy! It was bad that the swimmingpool was closed...we would like to come back again!! Family from Germany.

VILLA CASANOVA: Our family stayed in this wonderfull house to celebrate the 75th birthdau of our grand father . Child what a wonderfull week it was. For us big city, busy life people it was absolutely delight ful to come top this wonderfull house in this marveolus region of Tuiscany. Our kids loved to be here, the played in the garden and the swimmingpool and most of all they felt like prices and princesses in this old house like a castle to them. Our oldest dauther crying hersulf to sleep the night before we left because she enjoyedev everithing so much. I told her every time when you say goodbye it's a start of a new memory.....Thanks. Family from Austria.

VILLA CINI 2006: We spent a week at Villa Cini and enjoyed the beautiful area of Tuscany. When we came here the first expression were: the house is huge, its quite inside and that the garden and the swimmingpool are lovely. During our stay here learned to enjoy of the size of the house and it's historical atmosphere. We also spent a lot of time in the beautifull garden and at the swimmingpool. The weater has been mostly sun and quite warm too, from 20° - 25° . We a few showers and ever a small thunder storm during the first day but the end of the week was very beautifull.We have toured around Tuscany by car and visited some of most important cities. The ancient city of Siena,San Gimignano were unforgettable and not full of tourist yet. One day we also went to Firenze by train. We saw the river of Arno and the Duomo.Just a day was definetly too short to explore Firenze. A week is absolutely too short period to stay here and I'm sure that we will be many interesting places to visit here.Thanks, we have had a wonderfull time here at villa Cini. Family from Finland.

VILLA CINI and VILLA CASANOVA 2006: We enjoyed the trip in the Tuscany. Villa Cini and villa Casanova just right place for us. We hope to come again next year! All the best, the artist from Germany.

VILLA CASANOVA 2005: We had a lovely three weeks holiday in villa Casanova . The sun shone (almost) all the time. It was truly warm ( approx 30°). The pool was good , the company was ever better. Swimming in the pool, playing with the birds in the garden, having long conversation in the evening by the dinner table. The surrounding cities and villages are all unfargettable experiences. Thanks ( = Kiittos ) from all of us. Family from Finland.